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if you are having trouble with eating:

  • you deserve to eat
  • you need to eat
  • food is not the enemy
  • calories give you the energy to smile
  • you are worthy
  • you are loved
  • i am proud of you for fighting, you can do this!!
  • 5 seconds of insane courage, it’s all you need
  • your struggles are real, so is your bravery
  • you are good enough
  • you are not a mistake
  • you are one of a kind
  • every cell in your body needs love
















its “thighs rubbing together under ya sundress” season

Buy cute, cheap lace leggings. Cut them a little above your knee. Hem them or don’t, but then you can wear them under your sundresses and not worry about how you sit or if your thighs chafe, and if anyone sees them they look cute af so hell yes

Or a little deodorant between the thighs is magical

Also, LUSH sells this dust called Silky Underwear that makes your skin smooth so they don’t stick together or chafe.

I love that we’re all here for each other in this season of need

Monistat has an anti-chafing gel that works wonders and I live by. You can usually find it in the feminine care aisle of any drugstore. 

There’s this stuff called Glide…pretty cheap & works hella miracles

I’m so ready for sundress season. 

reblog to save a thigh


Reblog every summer

Reblog cause y'all girls look great in sundresses

For all my guys, gals and nb pals suffering this season, I buy dove spray on deodorant and it works like a charm

^^^^^ can confirm especially if you’re going to be in water

Blow up my inbox.


  • Would you rather..
  • Fuck, kill or marry
  • This or that
  • Personal questions
  • Creepy anons
  • Random questions
  • Advice
  • Love/hate
  • Anonymous secrets
  • Anything you want!



Saw this earlier and felt it would be a good thing to spread around as its something that has bothered me as an artist and i doubt im alone in it, so it would be good to raise awareness to talk about character design. 

thank fuck cause usually this kind of comment makes me want to strangle them in rage



I grew up in a poly household. My mother was married to two men who loved her dearly and they were the best of friends. I use past tense due to the fact that one of my fathers passed away a few years back.

I grew up in one of the most stable, loving households I can imagine. I had tons of support from all three of my parents, I never felt alone, and I never felt confused about my parents relationship.

Were other people confused when I told them about my parents? Sure. Did it take some time for them to understand my parents relationship? Yep. And the reaction I got every single time from other kids once they understood? “That’s so awesome!”

Growing up in a poly house did not hurt me, confuse me, or make my life difficult. It sure as hell wasn’t abusive.

Healthy poly relationships do not hurt children.

I really want some more recognition for poly relationships. This is a lovely post and a step in the right direction. Couples consisting of two people can be dysfunctional. It’s not just poly relationships.





anyway brie just told me my mom made a tumblr and that it keeps recc’ing my blog to her so my blog is cancelled everyone clean up ur shit fast

there’s nothing about me my mom doesnt know but it’s like she doesn’t need to know it in such visual detail while strangers cheer me on you know

@ mom im a furry btw

my family has finally entered the final fucking level of chaos

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blaze it

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haven’t slept for twoish days but  i needed to draw my girl lookin like the royalty she is<3 ver good au i’ll draw more when my body isnt shutting down

rip whoever shes talking to

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Incredibles/Incredibles 2

Holy fuck she knew

Wait…wait a minute, wait a minute, I just realized something!!!

What if she did know?

Think about it, Helen goes in to talk to Edna but Edna has already prepared a series of supersuits that are perfectly designed for every situation she and the kids are going to be in. And for some reason, we’ve all just accepted that, yeah, she’s Edna Mode, she would know these things, she’s just like that.

But what if we’ve all been missing something right in front of us?

We know Edna has affiliations with the government agency and has obviously been making suits for decades. Do you think the government is just going to get a random fashion designer to make these suits? Absolutely not.

They’re going to get a Super.

What if Edna is a Super with the power of future-vision? 

That’s how she knows exactly what suit to make, that’s how she knows that the kids are going to be in danger, that’s how she’s so aware of everything going on around her and catches everyone off guard.

She never looks back; she looks forward.

(Sorry for hijacking your post, OP.)

which is why the whole cape thing hit so hard. she didnt see it coming

I love the idea of a Super whose power is to amazingly see into the future and she just uses it for fashion design.

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Bitcoin-kun and his fave maze runner for the most talented, kind-hearted, amazing person ever. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @valpal-n !!!!

Thankyou for being my friend, babe! You’ve effortlessly made my day everytime. May this year be meaningful for you and I wish you nothing but happiness.





Danny DeVito turned 70 today which is weird because I’ve never had any concept of how old he is, I like to think that he exists outside of time and space

more importantly it means no one was aware of him being 69 last year. we fucked up. i can’t believe it. we really fucked up.

This post is from 2014. Why has it gotten 20,000 notes in the last 24 hours? Danny DeVito is 73 now, Do your research before you reblog something.

O shit i forgot to do my pre-reblogging of a danny devito post research




the president of nigeria is about to fuck boko haram up and cut his own salary in half and criminalized female genital mutilation

the president of guinea built/is building infrastructure and school and wells all over the country and is decreasing youth unemployment exponentially

the president of cote d’ivoire made school mandatory of children ages 6-16 and banned plastic bags while also building ultra modern trasportation infrastructure

the future is for real in africa 

I think this should have a hell of a lot more notes on it than it does. This is what good news looks like folk, and the continent of Africa surely deserves a shed load of it.

Today (April 7th) is Remembrance Day for the Rwandan genocide. While Rwanda still faces challenges, their recovery has been incredible. They now have the highest percentage of women in parliament around the world (one of only two countries to have over 50% women), their gross national income has risen each year, and life expectancy has risen from  48 in 1990 to 65 in 2013.



Someone asked my maths professor why numbers exist and she said “One day, for whatever reason, someone decided they wanted to count things and it’s been a major inconvenience for everybody ever since.”

This is channeling the spirit of Terry Pratchett

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Commissions are updated, and I’ll have a separate page set up so that this is easier to find in the future. 

On that note if you have any questions then please do ask! 

Mermaids are still a commission that can be done, but vary on price depending on how much detail. The lowest for a mermaid is going to be $25 for just one. 

I’ll set up other ways, but right now paypal.me/TheScreamingPan is the immediate one I have for this in case anyone was curious on that bit. 

Commissions page is up, and you can click here to access it from here.


Reblog if you want Juminzine to happen! Just wanna get a total statistics of people who WOULD participate and contribute to a ‘possible’ project. 🤙🏻

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You’ve been warned.

Also let’s make the original screencap a meme please.


if this post gets 1000 notes i will read homestuck since you all love it so much



why does the upcoming 4/13 give off a sense of foreboding as it gets closer  

to make up for nothing happening last year on 4/13 theyre gonna straight up murder us at midnight on 4/13 this year



not every single long sentence is a song title by fall out boy 

there are two ways to read this

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Gandy Dancer



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